Recipe For Princess Pudding

A Manchester pudding taken from an article 28th November 1914. The first World War had not long broken out in the UK on 4th August 1914.

A cheap and delicious pudding for the family. An excellent substitute for an orthodox “Christmas Pudding”. The quantities given are sufficient for five people. Two ounces of beef suet, finely chopped, four ounces of flour , three ounces of raisins, stoned and halved, one ounce of mixed and shredded candied peel, a good pinch each of salt, grated nutmeg and mixed spice.

Quarter teaspoonful carbonate of soda, two tablespoonfuls of golden syrup, one gill milk. Mix up the ingredients together. Mix the syrup and milk and set in the oven to get warm. Then stir them well and add to the other ingredients, beating well. The mixture should be almost liquid. Three parts fill a lavishly – buttered basin, cover with butter-paper and steam for two and half hours. It should be a rich light sponge. Serve with sweet white or brandy sauce.