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Waltham Abbey History

Raymond Sears and Jonathan Foster bring to life the history of Waltham abbey with their wide collection of publications.
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Nobody, who has not been in the interior of a family, can say what the difficulties of any individual of that family may be.
Jane Austen
"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof."
Richard Bach


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle"
Albert Einstein

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.
Johann Schiller

In some families, please is described as the magic word. In our house, however, it was sorry.
Margaret Laurence

We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies.
Shirley Abbott


Family History Guide

Welcome to Family Past


Here I have put together a mixture of what I know about my own family which I hope you as a reader will find helpful in your own research. My research into my family past started in 2004 the year after my grandfather Ernest William Hollis past away and ever since I have been on a personal journey discovering my ancestors and where they came from.

My grandfather left many personal belongings which included photos, letters, certicates and documents. Since then I have pieced together a family I had no idea of and opened a world of family history. History in its self has always been an interest of mine and since belonging to Waltham Abbey Genealogy Club I have been able to help others with their research.
I'm Sure if we go back far enough in time we will eventually find that we are all related. History is so much more than a name and a date and there is so much of history begining with ourselves. In researching my own family I have more of an understanding of who I as a person and its answered a lot of unknown questions.

Somewhere buried inside us we carry our ancestors and well afterall without them we would not exist. So if anyone out there who wants to research their family tree I can tell you one thing, it's addictive and every name you come across you ask yourself what were they like and how can I find out about them? This website covers all from genealogy, family stories, old traditional recipes, old photos, surname origins, old trades and occupations and much, much more ....

Genealogy and family history has become a big part of my life and I somehow believe that by researching your family tree and family history, your somehow becoming the story teller to the rest of your living relatives and family. Its almost like your ancestors want you to keep their memories alive and for you to tell your children about them. Who they were as people and what they were like, their occupations, their relationships, the things they got up to and did as children. Our ancestors are the ones who fought wars and made many sacrifices to bring us as a nation as we stand today.

Your Genealogy
Hollis Family History
Lewis Family History Barnard Family History
Family Past- Agnes Paterson
Heushaw A Life Of My Ancestor Waltham Abbey History, Waltham Abbey Genealogy
Heushaw Family
Waltham Abbey Genealogy


The interest in family history is becoming far more popular all over the world, especially with the internet it has opened up a huge gate for everyone across the world to trace back their ancestors and find out where they came from. With family history I believe it is not only a hobby that lasts a month or so, but a lifetime interest. There is always something or someone new to trace and find out about in your family that can give you so much to how life was back then and why events occured. The best advice that i could give someone who is new to tracing their ancestors is to talk and record as much information and photographs from your living ancestors. They are your key to to what has happened and although they might not be able to remember everything, their memories will hold clues and pieces that you can piece together. Whatever you do don't give up if you have hit a brick wall, the answers are out there some where believe me there are records around and people out there that have information. The tricky part is finding them!

Family History and Genealogy
Subjects Of Interest - Articles By Cheryl Davis

Issue 24 A Servants Life Issue 25 Debtors Prison
Issue 26 Shoreditch Issue 27 "Why Things Were Hush Hush!"
Isssue 28 "Our Ancestors Were Big Readers" Issue 29 The Victorian Dentist
Issue 30 The Elusive Alice Issue 31 Serendipity
Issue 32 Beyond Parish Registers and Censuses Issue 33 Beyond Parish Registers & Censuses 2
Issue 34 James John Davis Issue 35 Family History Filling In The Gaps
Issue 36 Beyond Parish Registers and Censuses 3 Issue 37 Searching For Roots
Issue 38 Organizing Your Records Issue 39 Beyond Parish Registers and Censuses 4
Issue 40 Tracing Your Ancestors House Issue 41 Agricultural Labourers
Issue 42 London Ancestors Issue 43 HMS Thetis (N25)


Helpful Genealogy Pages

Searching for your ancestors is no dout enjoyable and addictive. But the more information you gather the harder it is to store and keep in a methodically. Well below i have put together some sheets and links that will help you with your research.

Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary
Family Past- Old Trades
Old Trades


TOP Monthly Occupations

Cordwainer A Cordwainer is someone who made fine gentlemans shoes and this person was a lot more than just a shoemaker, he was a highly skilled craftsmen who used the finest goatskin leather from Cordoba in Spain to make shoes for upperclass and fashion.
Stationer If your ancestor was a stationer then they would be involved in book binding, book seller, seller of paper & writing implements.

French Polisher
A French Polisher is someone who had quite a hard labour intensive job for little pay. Within the furniture trade a french polisher is a wood finish technique that resulted in a high gloss surface.
Freshwaterman A Freshwaterman was somone who sailed on coastal waters or inland waterways


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