A German Chocolate Pudding

Taken from an article on 13th May 1871 By the initials F. R. A

Take 20z of fine wheat, or potato flour, 20z. of butter, ¼ lb. of a loaf sugar pounded fine, the yolks of three and whites of two eggs, and ¼ lb. of finely grated or powdered chocolate. Stir these ingredients gradually into a pint of milk over a gentle fire, till it becomes too thick, add by degrees a little more milk, and let it boil up well. Stir it often while it cools, adding 20z. More butter and the yolks of five or six more eggs, beat the whites of the eggs to a froth, and add them just before you pour the mixture into a dish, which must be well buttered, and not more than three quarters full. Powder the top with sugar. and bake it for an hour in a moderate oven. It should rise three or four inches above the dish, and be of a yellow brown at the top.

13th May 1871 By the initials F. R. A